About Us

Kolbray was born from a vision of two guys who wanted to find a solution to a problem that they were hearing from friends.

Let's start at the very beginning. I went to dinner with a few of my old work colleagues and the conversation was taken over by pregnancy. 

'How do you sleep?', 'It's so uncomfortable!', 'Is there a solution?' were just a few to name.

That is when we had the idea. We thought we could be the ones to revolutionise the way pregnant women sleep. 

Fast forward 4.5 years, we created the pillow that pregnant women look forward to sleeping with. 'No pain', 'No more waking up at night', 'Can't wait to get into bed each night', are just a few of the comments we hear now. 

Our team strives for excellence in both quality and customer service. We have spent years making the pillow we are proud of, with the help of our customers we can continue to innovate.